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On Licensing Exams

Pre-Licensing courses are worthless to you unless they actually help you pass your state licensing exam. As much as we can sell you on our streamlined design and innovative content, actually preparing you to pass your exam is the important part.

Our students’ Texas licensing exam pass rate of   is a strong indicator of how well our online 180-Hour Texas Licensing Program prepares new agents for the real estate industry.

Our pass rates have a proven history, especially compared to our competitors.

We are confident our courses will work for you, but we don’t think it’s fair to just leave it at that. We have data to back it up. Every month, TREC publishes pass rates based on students who have taken and passed the state exam per approved schools. We have pulled our pass rates and some our competitors’ pass rates below.

Texas Sales Agent Pass Rates

Pass rates are a sampling. See all pass rates at the TREC website.

We Have All 180 Hours of Education You Need To Get Your Texas Sales Real Estate License


The CE Shop is an approved provider in Texas. Qualifying Provider # 701046.

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We teach through interaction, which is proven to be a far more effective method of learning than simply reading a boring PDF. LEAP, our proprietary content delivery platform, makes it easy for you to engage with the content you need to grow your business.

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Individual Texas Courses

If you've already taken part of the 180 hours of education required in Texas, we can help you complete the rest. Find each 30-hour Texas course below.


30-Hour Principles of Real Estate Course I

Approval #121

$119 $89.25 With Promo Code TXPRE25


30-Hour Principles of Real Estate Course II

Approval #122

$119 $89.25 With Promo Code TXPRE25


30-Hour Law of Agency Course

Approval #1151

$119 $89.25 With Promo Code TXPRE25


30-Hour Law of Contracts Course

Approval #1251

$119 $89.25 With Promo Code TXPRE25


30-Hour Promulgated Contracts & Forms

Approval #351

$119 $89.25 With Promo Code TXPRE25


30-Hour Real Estate Finance Course

Approval #451

$119 $89.25 With Promo Code TXPRE25



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